Thyssen Flow Stairlifts

Welcome to Thyssen Stairlifts Providing freedom, mobility, and home elevator designs to people for over 60 years!

They are the leader in residential elevators, the stairlift, and wheelchair lift industry. This has allowed them to provide freedom, mobility, and quality design of home elevators to people for over 60 years!

One of the world’s oldest, most trusted providers of stairlift equipment and home elevators. ThyssenKrupp Access has made life convenient for millions of customers since 1947.

About Thyssen Flow Stairlifts

Our Accessibility Division at Purely Stairlifts has a stairlift, wheel chair lift, and variety of elevators for every application.

A stairlift or wheel chair lift helps free you from mobility barriers popping up everywhere.

You can get a stairlift or wheel chair lift in a variety of models tailored to your budget and needs. Additionally, with the ability to climb steep angles and even round corners, your stairlift will take you almost anywhere!

Our Division of Residential Elevators has a line of six home elevators that increase the value of your home. They also provide an easy way to carry groceries, laundry or anything else floor to floor. Residential elevators are quickly becoming the next must-have amenity in a new home.

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