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Iain Crombie is an outstanding individual.

Whenever there is a problem with my stair lift he fixes it. He is the kind of person that will come over on a Saturday or Sunday, if there is an emergency. Reliable, honest, efficient, kind and fair in terms of price, I would recommend Iain to anyone.

Robert Halfon MPAbsolutely Outstanding

Iain quickly identified where the fault was which was going to take until the following day to resolve, however Iain worked wonders and managed to get me upstairs using the stairlift that night until he could return the following day and return my stair lift to a perfect working condition.

The day after being discharged from hospital my stairlift failed entirely, I was left downstairs and needed to get upstairs to bed, I contacted Iain from Purely Stairlifts who was here within an hour of calling him at 9pm. The original installers / maintenance company were unable to attend and their on-call engineer had reportedly been drinking.

10 or of 10 for Iain and Purely Stairlifts, I would highly recommend them for their extensive knowledge and their prompt and efficient service

James, Ongar Essex10 out of 10

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