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Why Should I Buy A Stairlift?

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A stairlift offers many benefits and whilst you may think you can do without one, this can help you in several aspects of your life. Stairlifts should always be installed as a safe option to ensure you move up and down the stairs without any risks.

Purely Stairlifts supply and install a range of curved and straight stairlifts. We can always discuss your requirements and assess the space you have available, making sure the right stairlift model is installed safely.

Assist With Health Conditions

Stairlifts are often installed due to existing health conditions and they will be effective against many physical health problems. Not only will it prevent issues from getting worse, but it also resolves many problems once installed. For older people who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis, which causes inflammation to joints, stairlifts can be a fantastic option.

Pain is not easily cured, meaning it is not a quick fix. However, using stairlifts means there isn’t pain on the staircase and therefore prevents the problem becoming worse every day when being mobile around your home.

If you are also dealing with any back or knee pains, stairlifts will make your staircase much easier to use and reduce the chances of causing more pain and breaks to your body at an older age.

Stairlifts are specifically designed for people with limited mobility and anyone who has heart problems are arthritis. If you have any health conditions that could be affected by accidents on the staircase, stairlifts should always be considered to avoid your conditions worsening.

Avoid An Accident

Stairlifts should also be installed as a precaution. Although you may not currently have too many pains, or you have not experienced problems on the staircase, a stairlift will ensure problems do not occur. Safety within your own home should always be a priority. If you are struggling to use the stairs, it could be time to install a stairlift before an accident happens.

You also want to make sure you are not reliant on family members or carers. Whilst having assistance is not a problem, having the independence and mobility to freely move around your property is very beneficial.

Having the ability to use every area of your home, rather than being limited to just your upstairs or downstairs, will give you much more enjoyment and leave less of a burden on other people to look after you.

Maintain Balance

There is a high chance that when balance is already a concern, you could end up breaking bones or having a serious accident on the stairs. Stairlifts always help to maintain balance, regardless of which model you choose to have installed.

Stairlifts give you complete control and safety so balance is not an issue. You will also have more comfort on a stairlift so even when it is not a necessity, it can make your life and mobility much easier.

Saving Money

If a stairlift for your property is essential to maintain your safety, then it could actually save you a lot of money. The other alternatives would be to downsize your property. Not only can this be a massive hassle but most people will not want to sell their home just because of the staircase.

If you fail to install a stairlift, it could lead to accidents meaning operations for your body, which can be costly in more ways than one.

By installing a stairlift, this is the easiest option for every client, to maintain safety and make sure you do not have expensive costs in the future.

For more information regarding our services or to install any of our stairlift products, get in touch with Purely Stairlifts today.

You will always receive a fast response from our team, discussing your needs before making a swift installation to every property. Call us on 0800 612 6542, 07831 318 041 or fill in our contact form to make an enquiry.

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